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electric crasher nude tort


Accessorize with the Electric Women's Crasher Sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun's harsh rays and to keep up with your fabulous look. These quality shades sport Italian-made Mazzucchelli acetate frames, a material that's known for its durability, so they're designed to handle daily life. The lenses are scratch-resistant to compliment the frames, and offer 100% UV protection and block up to 98% of harmful blue light, while also reducing glare and enhancing color perception for impressively clear visuals.

  • Fabulous sunglasses to shield your eyes
  • Handmade Mazzucchelli acetate frame holds up to wear
  • Lenses offer 100% UV protection for full coverage
  • Lenses block up to 98% of harmful blue light
  • Scratch-resistant lenses can handle everyday adventures

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Type: Sunglasses


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