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Sup Wheels Evolution


Evolution carrier model - comes with strap handle.  Model to carry your board while you walk or bike.  No hardware or tools are required to connect it to a bike.  

  • Strap handle to hold onto
  • Adjustable strap to hold up to 14 foot length boards
  • Connect to the SUP Wheels® axel to handle on the nose
  • Carries a single paddle board
  • Walk or bike your board to the water
  • Connects to a bike seat with not permanent hardware
  • Removable strap handle to became a Classic model
  • Carries  majority of the weight of your craft
  • Work with standard paddle boards, race boards and small kayaks
  • 14 inch never go flat wheels
  • No tools required
  • Removable wheels for compact storage
  • Unit can be locked up or carried with you on your board
  • Unit floats
  • Salt water and UV resistance
  • Comes with bungee cord to hold unit on frame
  • Quality parts with metal frame


Type: misc