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Boys Advantage Plus 3/2 Fullsuit




The Hurley Advantage Plus 3/2mm Fullsuit Older Kids' (Boys') Wetsuit helps keep you warm, even in the coldest waters. Lighter, less absorbent kneepads and a more streamlined silhouette help keep you feeling light in the waves.


Get in Fast, Get Out Easily

The chest zip is open at both ends to stretch with the suit, while remaining watertight and flush against your skin. An innovative toggle fastener lets you secure the chest opening with one hand, so you can cinch and go.


Made to Move

Exoflex neoprene fabric is lightweight and incredibly stretchy for freedom to move quickly on your board. Arm and leg seams are placed in areas to reduce restriction and encourage movement, so you can feel comfortable and focus on the waves.


Stay Warm, Feel Comfortable

The warm, fuzzy lining dries quickly and the Smoothskin panelling won't retain water, helping to keep you feeling light and warm. Hollow-fibre fleece chest lining helps wick water away from you and traps heat inside where you need it most.

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