Torren Martyn And A Session We'd Give Our Other Kidney To Surf

July 25, 2019

You might be wondering where Torren Martyn has been since releasing "A Sense of Space" nine months back.

As it turns out, the handsome, twin-loving gent ran as far as possible from Australia's crowds and shallow reefs, ultimately landing in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, where around twenty world-class, sand-bottomed points reside. 

You know there's a lot of options in the region because, despite the hundreds of surfers who would have descended on the region for a notable swell such as this, Torren surfed more or less alone for a majority of his sessions, at some points owning an entire point to himself. While this is cool in the abstract sense, it probably felt a little spooky, not to mention wasteful, in the flesh. 

Just imagine all the waves that went unridden.

While most of this film is worth watching, we can't get past the closing section (starting around 15:30), where Torren finds a running shorebreak tube—a closeout in essence—that provides mind-altering pre-clamp visions.

Straight up, we nearly spilled our chowder watching the wave at 15:58. Hopefully you will too (but be careful 'cause the soup is hot).