Our Story


Hollow Surf exists to service those who like to spend their spare time where the land meets the sea.

Hollow Surf was born in late 2013 which coincided with the biggest swell to hit the metro perth beaches since the last big swell hit the perth metro beaches.

Its front door faces south allowing the cool clean air brought up from Antarctica to gently circulate within the stores four walls. This creates a serene environment whereby customers feel invigorated and energised and rarely leave without a newfound sense of purpose or block of sex wax.

This rare air is breathed by the Hollow Surf staff every time they "work" in the store.

The prolonged exposure gives the staff wisdom beyond their years and an ability to smile and be happy in even the most extreme sales situations. All staff members live within the required 3.5 km radius from the shop front door which enables them to live and breathe the Hollow Surf ethos "So surf it hurts".

This "work" culture is what drives us to go surf 1ft Trigg Point with 400 other people or tackle Toms at low tide on our brand new surfboard.

Sure there are bigger stores with more bikinis and palmers surf wax but none can offer you what Hollow Surf offers......a bottle shop right next door.