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The AM2 Futures Fins with Alpha construction are designed for larger surfers (80kg +), perfect for smooth performance surfing. These fins have a larger base and a medium tip allowing for powerful bottom turns and a smooth flex for releasing the fins when needed. The center fin is slightly smaller for increase manoeuvrability.

Made using netplus® technology which recycles old fishing nets.

Size: L

Colour: Black

Layout: Thruster

Colour 2: Yellow

System: Futures

Construction: Alpha


Drive - 3 / 5

Release - 4 / 5

Flex - 3 / 5

Pivot - 3 / 5


Front Base: 117.9mm

Rear Base: 117.9mm

Front Height: 120.1mm

Rear Height: 114mm

Front Area: 1031mm2

Rear Area: 988.4mm2

Front Foil: Flat

Rear Foil: 50/50

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