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Q' Cells - are a lightweight, microscopic glass bubbles, used as filler with Polyester & Epoxy Resins. Q Cells have reasonable compression strength and are generally used to get bulk without adding too much weight. They are also ideal for fairing. QCells are easily sanded; it makes the ideal filler to glue in fin boxes and legrope plugs and is suitable for repairing “dings” in surfboards.

To apply in a ding repair:

When added to polyester or epoxy resin, Q-CELL filler thickens the resin to make it more workable and expands it to fill in large areas. This expansion reduces the amount of resin required therefore reducing weight. (Note: Q-CELL is only filler and should be sealed with a coat of resin before use). The following lists instructions for using Q-CELL filler:

  1. Estimate needed resin and mix in hardener.

  2. Add Q-CELL to resin in small amounts until desired consistency is reached. (For best results, a medium paste is recommended (mayonnaise consistency); avoid adding too much Q-CELL to the resin mixture or it will be too thick to apply.)

  3. Stir resin until qcell is completely saturated.

  4. Apply mixture to the repair.

Always wear dust masks & avoid breathing vapours of resins & dust residue.

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