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The Chopped Log has a traditional longboard outline. Designed to glide and flow through dead spots in marginal conditions. This board trims and gains speed easily. Great paddling power and favouring pivot turns, this slide loves to be ridden on the nose. It's perfect for point trimming or clean beach break days.   

About this board:   

Construction: EcoSkin

Fin Boxes: BOX SINGLE x 1 (Fins not included)

Tail shape: Rounded Square

Dimensions/Litres: See size graph above


About ECOSKIN Technology:   ECOSKIN Technology is a small step toward producing surfboards that are manufactured with more Earth friendly ethics. ECOSKIN surfboards are by no means sustainable but utilising less toxic materials during production we are taking steps to decrease our carbon footprint.   About Aloha Surfboards:   In 1978 ALOHA SURFBOARDS was started in Brookvale and the brand has never really looked back. Aloha picked up momentum very quickly and in a relatively short time was attracting positive support from an unprecedented number of world professionals. As a result the Aloha brand was set to march across most surfing territories over the next decade following the world tour, and with Greg still travelling and guest shaping in Japan and the US the brand was being exposed on all major surfing continents. Professional surfing has helped shape the Aloha ethos and has very much driven the design. 

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