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You are powerful, beautiful, unstoppable. Not muse. Creator. Let this elegant, breezy, goddess inspired sandal inspire you. With straps made of vegan leather and comfortable, flexible webbing. Underfoot, it features our signature soft and supportive cushion with rebound footbed and a featherlight rubber sponge outsole.


We crafted this product without PVC, which means it's better on and for the environment.

It feels like you're stepping onto the softest sand thanks to our high rebound footbed, working to make sure you can use your full day to beach freely.

Happy Is Strappy

The Cushion Muse features straps made of vegan leather and comfortable, flexible webbing, keeping your feet happy all day long.

Energy Return Footbed

With built-in energy return technology that makes every step lighter and springier, the Cushion Muse is there for you whether you're grabbing lunch on the town or running errands.


  • Mix of Vegan Leather and Flexible Webbing Straps
  • Soft and Supportive Cushion Footbed
  • Lightweight Rubber Sponge Outsole

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