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You may just find that these polarised FISKI swimming goggles are the most comfortable goggles you have ever put on your face! They have a super-soft seal but do not let any water in. The polarised range dramatically reduce glare and are incredibly clear while swimming on the ocean.


FISKI has so many amazing reviews, to name a few:


“I actually forgot I was wearing goggles all together”;


“I didn’t have to adjust them once during my swim”;


“It’s the first time I have not been walking around with goggle marks all day”;


“I can see the fish so clearly”;


“why has it taken me 50 years to find these incredible goggles?”


Perfect for Open Water swimming: awesome for the ocean. Fiski’s will protect eyes from sun and water getting in. the polarisation dramatically reduces the glare.

Excellent seal and so comfortable: FISKI Hunters are made from with soft Silicone Cushioned Frames. Flexible nose piece to fit most face shapes; you won’t even know you are wearing them!

No more goggle marks: The super soft silicone frames creates a soft but fabulous suction that keeps goggles in place and keeps the water out. They are so soft they will not leave you with panda eyes for the rest of the day. 

Anti-fog and sun protection: Tinted UV Category 3 lenses for sun protection, as well as excellent anti-fog coating

Easily adjustable memory strap: with markings so you know your size, as well as an included breathable case.

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