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These racing goggles are here by demand. So many people ask what are the best goggles for racing… well the problem has been solved with the FISKI racer. These goggles have 4 different sized nose pieces to make sure you get the perfect fit. They are cool mirror style and sit comfortably in the eye socket. They stay put when diving, and have been tried and tested in races and triathlons with big thumbs up!

Uses: Best suited for race day – Won’t come off when diving.

Suit: Ages 5 to adults (guide only)

  • Easily adjustable straps with markings
  • UV Protection Category 3
  • 4 different sized nose pieces, the perfect fit for every human!
  • Super soft and flexible eye gasket to suit most face shapes
  • Excellent seal and high level of comfort
  • Included breathable case to ensure goggles will air dry


Lens: Polycarbonate

Eye gasket: Thermoplastic rubber


Nose piece: Thermoplastic rubber

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