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  • Winter Blanket woven with 50% Wool & 50% Cotton
  • Ash fleck Colourway
  • A-B sided, meaning it's loomed to produce a dual sided blanket. Flick through the images to see the 2 different shades..of grey.
  • Seafoam shaded farmer stitch fringes.
  • Traditional blanket satin patch
  • 175cm x 145cm | 68" x 57" (Queen size...so snuggle up's for two or double wrap for one)
  • Zero Polyester (microplastics)
  • FSC™ approved recycled cardboard box packaging.

In the never ending quest to pack smarter and travel lighter, without forfeiting comfort, we've loomed a small collection of Travel Blankets using 50% wool and 50% cotton. 100% free from polyester microfibre plastics, Layday pgear is a nice fit for your pack & our planet


When a blanket is woven with 100% wool, weight becomes a factor. Can you Lighten up the blanket with a finer micron? Yep, that’s totally doable but then we're looking at a $400 blanket (higher the micron, thinner the yarn, more is needed & higher price is the yarn).

We could have even woven in some Polyester to make production more cost effective, but we have our opinions on Microplastics in fabrics, needed in some things…but Plastic towels and blankets don’t exactly scream comfort and we all know less plastics and more natural is a good thing.

Now 100% cotton for a Blanket. As a towel, sure (lightweight, absorbent), but as a blanket you want the insular cosy properties of wool. Snuggling around the fire with a red wine just doesn’t feel the same without Sheep Hair wrapping you up.

So, for a multi use blanket with a good combination of Value for Money, Insular properties and weight for taking on the road with you, we settled on this 50-50 Wool Cotton Combination.

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