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Created for the annual Stab High Waco air comps, this is a chopped down and widened out version of Noa's pro model.

Luke from LSD surfboards knew a few things before starting the board for Noa; he'd need to gain speed quickly, then keep that momentum before being able to launch off the end section as high as possible into a stable landing.

To do this, he pushed the foam in Noa's daily driver 6' down into a 5'1, adding some width in the nose and tail area and and a 1/4 inch of thickness to the board.

The result was a board that flies down the line as intended, but also performs very well in smaller waves. The added width in the nose allows the rider to get up and go quickly and the relatively straight rail lines add a ton of speed!

Have a look at this board for waves under 4 feet or as a go to high performance board in summer conditions.

As a guide, The Noa Chlorine is to be ridden around 2 - 3 inches shorter than your good wave performance board and / or 2 - 3 inches longer than your Twinny or fish style.

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