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O'Neill's Original John hits the mark when it comes to retro styling as well with Glideskin panels and subtle retro branding. It's a simple design that's made to perform. Not having a zipper in your wetsuit is a big plus as well - you avoid that awkward fiddly process of lining up a zipper and the decreased flexibility through whichever neoprene panels it's slicing through. You can't go wrong with Velcro.


Zipperless: Ultimately the best feeling zipper is no zipper, and it's super easy to put on and take off too. Just a basic velcro tab on the shoulder.  Read our blog on wetsuit entry systems.

Ultraflex DS 2mm Neoprene: A high-performance super stretchy neoprene. This material is surprisingly warm for its thickness. A durable outer layer helps reduce wind chill and is resistant to Velcro or sharp fingernails, so it's made to last.

Flatlock Seams: Flatlock seams bind neoprene panels together through a basic but durable stitching style that fully penetrates the neoprene. Stitching is mirrored on both sides and loops are locked together so you've got a durable construction but poor water sealing. Want to learn more? Check out our wetsuit seams vlog.

Glideskin Panels: These smooth panels on the chest and back help to prevent wind chill thanks to their hydrophobic properties - they don't absorb water, so you aren't copping wind chill.

Retro Styling: Looking good never hurt performance, especially when your retro style is derived from high-quality neoprene and lining.

Woven Kneepads: A durable weave that ensures greater durability around your knees that's standard across the O'Neill wetsuit range

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