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Rip Curl’s G-Bomb Long Jane is a long john style of wetsuit- a sleeveless steamer. There’s a range of benefits to this style of wetsuit, the most prominent being that your arms are totally unrestricted by the wetsuit neoprene. Despite neoprene in these G-Bomb wetsuits being remarkably flexible thanks to the E4 Neoprene, you’ve still got to use some force to make the neoprene stretch to match your movement. So, in surfing where you’re continuously moving your arms, it makes sense to eliminate this factor where you can. In transitional months in states like Queensland, or for summer months further south, this style of wetsuit is perfect for keeping you comfortable in the water.

The seams of the jacket are E-Stitched, which means like the E5 neoprene the stitching is light and flexible which is important if you want to get anything out of the flexible neoprene it's holding together. 

To get the most out of your Rip Curl Women's G Bomb 1.5mm Long Sleeve Neoprene Jacket we recommend washing it with Wetsuit Wash and reading our maintenance guide. 

Rip Curl Women's G-Bomb 1.5mm Long Jane Wetsuit Features:

  • 1.5mm E5 Neoprene - Rip Curl's premium high-stretch neoprene for a lightweight feel with high flexibility.
  • E-Stitched high-stretch lightweight seams: You don't lose out on flexibility at the seams, so you can really take advantage of that E5 neoprene.
  • Front zip entry/closure: Makes getting your jacket on and off an easy task and looks great.
  • Long Jane cut
  • UV Protection

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