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Roll the dice and see if they come up Snake Eyes. The SNAKE EYES is the perfect blend of performance and fun. 

Constructed using a 36gram EPS Core with a custom Uni-Directional Carbon Tape. Each board is hand laminated using Epoxy Resin and Double Biax Cloth on the deck providing a lighter, stronger board that feels fast and responsive under your feet. 

The Uni-Directional Carbon creates additional spring. This is also known as 'kinetic flex'.  As the board is placed under pressure into or out of a turn the combination of the EPS core and CarbonTechnology returns energy as the UD Carbon laminated on the bottom of the board helps spring the board back to it's original shape with added speed. 


outline Outline
Modern performance fish outline. Designed for ultra easy surfing in a wide variety of conditions.
entry Entry Rocker
Low Entry Rocker for easy paddling and to maintain speed through flat sections.
exit Exit Rocker
Contemporary, continuous performance tail rocker. Think tight and fast pocket surfing.
concave Concave
Single to Double to Vee. Speed, Drive, Sensitivity
tail Tail
Slight Hip with a Tight Swallow.
Fin Setup
5 - versatile!

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