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Meet Bunji, the red-tailed black cockatoo. The original illustration was a request from one of my dearest friends, who also came up with his name; Bunji, an indigenous Australian colloquial word for 'friend' or 'mate'. On researching her name, my friend also came across the spiritual meaning of the black cockatoo. They are known power animals that represent the celebratory strengthening of spirit and soul, and significant changes in your life; making your emotions 'rain'. They free us from emotional blockages and allow us to express ourselves in areas that previously held us back. The black cockatoo also summons us to be creative and express these emotions through painting, drawing, signing and writing.


Beautifully printed onto sustainable bamboo Hahnemuhle fine art paper


These prints are of an original, hand drawn, ink pen and watercolour illustration. Designed and printed in Western Australia.

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