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The Shorebird will feel fast, loose and have lots of forward drive. In the true essence of a twin fin, this board is a great option because the absence of the centre fin reduces drag considerably making it easier to generate down-the-line speed. The pivoting capabilities of the Shorebird also makes for smooth, effortless turning in small to medium size waves.

From a design perspective, the Shorebird lends from the old-school keel twin with a relaxed yet fast rocker, and a vee-to-single concave bottom that will instil trust in the rider when she takes off and starts to drive off the bottom. The traditional beak nose positions additional volume under the chest for easy wave catching. The modern elements include a narrower tail which allows for a tighter turn and assists with getting the board on rail for those women really leaning into their turns.


BOARD CONTOURS ~ Vee to Single Concave

RAIL  ~ Medium to Full Rail

SKILL LEVEL ~ Intermediate - Experienced

WAVE HEIGHT ~ 2 - 6ft

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